Everything You Need to Know About Ketamine Treatment.

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Ketamine is a drug that’s been around since the 1960s and was originally used as an anesthetic. However, it wasn’t until quite recently, in 2006, that ketamine was re-approved by the FDA for use as a pain reliever. But ketamine has also been growing in popularity with the therapeutic community due to its ability to treat depression.

Ketamine has been used to treat depression since the 1970s, but ketamine clinic near me research for depression wasn’t underway until rather recently. In fact, it was ketamine’s anesthetic properties that first drew researchers’ attention towards ketamine as a possible treatment for depression.  It was noticed that long after ketamine had worn off, patients claimed to feel better.  This ketamine anti-depressant effect was attributed to ketamine’s ability to block NMDA receptors in the brain, which is believed to be responsible for depression.

There are multiple ways that ketamine can be administered when it comes to ketamine treatment for depression. One of the most common methods of ketamine is delivered is via ketamine infusion.  A ketamine infusion involves a ketamine clinic placing a small needle into a vein in your arm and then administering ketamine through that needle over a period of time, typically between 40 minutes to an hour. The ketamine clinic will place you in a private room with relaxing music or nature sounds playing through speakers.  You’ll be asked to lay still on a comfortable bed during your ketamine infusion.

There are also ketamine treatment options like ketamine nasal spray, ketamine pills and ketamine sublingual (under the tongue) drops.  Each ketamine administration method has its pros and cons so it’s best to speak with a ketamine clinic in your area to find out which ketamine treatment method is best for you.

Ketamine clinics have been growing in popularity over the past few years, but ketamine infusion isn’t just something that ketamine clinics offer.  You can also get ketamine infusions from ketamine doctors and ketamine centers.  But ketamine infusion isn’t the only ketamine treatment available.  Ketamine clinics also offer ketamine therapy, ketamine counseling, ketamine support groups and ketamine consultations.

Ketamine has come a long way since its discovery in 1962, but it’s nowhere near the end; research into ketamine to treat depression and ketamine’s possible link to cancer is still underway.  It’s only a matter of time before ketamine clinics and ketamine doctors aren’t so popular, as ketamine infusions become the norm for those suffering from depression. Most likely, this is a new reality and a new way to help people be healthy and happy.  People who are struggling with depression or ketamine addiction will find ketamine clinics, ketamine doctors and ketamine centers to be more beneficial for themselves than they first anticipated.  If you have ever struggled with ketamine addiction or depression, it may be best to seek ketamine therapy over ketamine clinics and ketamin centers because the longer ketamine treatments last, the less ketamine is needed. This means that ketamine clinics and ketamine centers may not be as helpful as ketamine therapists and ketamine doctors because ketamine addiction and depression can be treated for longer periods of time without ketamine clinics and ketamine centers. It is important to talk to ketamine doctors, ketamine therapists, or ketamine centers about ketamine treatment options such as ketamine infusions. Perhaps this is exactly what you need.

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