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Amazon, Google and Netflix most loved brands in America

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Amazon, Google and Netflix are the most loved brands in America, according to Morning Consult’s 2019 annual ranking of the brands that define our culture and commerce.

To determine the latest rankings, Morning Consult analyzed over 400,000 survey interviews from Morning Consult Brand Intelligence, measuring consumer sentiment across favorability, trust, community impact, and Net Promoter Score.

Amazon clocked in at a 261.9 score, followed by Google at 261.1 and Netflix at 259.4. Here are the top 10 brands as ranked by Morning Consult:

1. Amazon – 261.9 net promoter score

2. Google – 261.1

3. Netflix – 259.4

4. UPS – 255.6

5. Home Depot – 248.3

6. USPS – 247.9

7. Hershey’s – 244.2

8. FedEx – 244

9. Dollar Tree – 243.7

10. Cheerios – 241.2

By generation demographics, here’s how the brands stack up:

Boomers (Ages 55 to 75):

1. UPS

2. Home Depot


4. Lowe’s

5. FedEx

Gen X (Ages 40-54):

1. Google

2. Amazon

3. Netflix

4. UPS

5. Home Depot

Millennials (Ages 24-39):

1. Netflix

2. Google

3. Amazon

4. YouTube

5. Target

Gen Z (Ages 4-24)

1. Google

2. Netflix

3. YouTube

4. Amazon

5. Oreo

One compelling element to Morning Consult’s research – and to brand strength in general – is the trust factor. According to the firm, Americans don’t have much trust in institutions and brands. And, there’s a deep fatigue at all levels.

Two-thirds of respondents themselves recognize that Americans have become less trusting in recent years. 

The people, corporations and institutions they trust the most are the United States Postal Service (43%) Amazon (38.8%) and Google (37.9%), followed by PayPal, The Weather Channel, Chick-fil-A, Hershey, UPS, Cheerios and M&Ms.

It is significant that many of the top trusted brands are older. The survey says only 2% of the most trusted 100 brands began their businesses in 2001 or later. But 23% started between 1926-1950 and 21% started between 1951-75. 

That may be changing. Among Gen Z consumers, all the most trusted brands are new. Their list is topped by Google (47.1%), Netflix (47%), Amazon (46.6%), YouTube (41.9%) and PlayStation (39.2%). Google is also the most trusted among Millennials.

But overall, younger consumers seem more distrustful too. For Gen Z, the average brand trust rating was +10, compared to +21 for boomers.

Facebook doesn’t show up among the most trusted among any of the demographic groups.

Tom Hanks (34%) and Oprah Winfrey (27%), in this survey, have comparatively large trust factors.

Asked to name the companies, institutions or people that consumers trust to do the right thing “a lot,” respondents first picked their “primary doctor,” at 50%. The military comes next at 44% and then Amazon (39%) and Google (38%).

Teachers are trusted by 35% and the police by 30%. Scientific studies (26%) and health warnings or advisories (23%) come before “Donald Trump,” who earns a 20% trust level, just above “food packaging labels” (16%).

Down deeper on the list are religious leaders (15%) capitalism (14%), the news media (8%) and the U.S. government (7%).

Morning Consult does daily tracking of consumers through its proprietary platform, Brand Intelligence, that follows more than 2,000 companies.

The Most Trusted Brands rankings were determined using surveys conducted online among a national sample of adults. The surveys were conducted from mid-October through early December, with an average of 16,700 interviews per brand for nearly 2,000 brands. All other data was drawn from a survey conducted in mid-December with a nationally representative sample of 2,200 U.S. adults.

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